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Is Hang’Em High right for what you need?

This is coming from a DIY perspective.  I wanted to share my experience with this product as I’ve tried similar solutions in the past.

Here are the types of “ladderless” products available on the market currently:

Low end:  Plastic hooks that come with a telescoping pole that can be used to hang hooks on one story homes with no ladder.  These are available usually on Amazon and sometimes in stores.  I’ve used these in the past and the pole is flimsy if you are going even a little bit higher than one story.  The clips break easily and you will go through many clips just hanging them on your gutters or roof the first time as they often break when simply attaching them.  Clips can easily move in high winds and some will not last through the winter.  These are not a permanent solution and taking them down is a chore.  Then, you have to decide if you can store your light strings with the hooks attached, which will break more of them.

High-end:  Permanent lighting solutions that are installed into the fascia of the home.  These are great!  You can control them typically with one control panel or app, which allows you to light the home year round for different occasions.  The downsides with this approach are that the lights are actually permanent and maintenance requires a bit more involvement.  Depending on how they are installed, they are also typically visible during the day (not in a bad way, but they are noticeable).  If you want the classic look of larger “bulbs” spaced wider apart, this is a good option.  The biggest thing to consider here is price.  Installed, these can run upwards of $20-25 per foot!  An average two story house will run more than $3,000 just for the front.

Where does Hang’Em High fit in?  Hang’Em High is a unique product that can be DIY or professionally installed.  Professional installation is roughly $4-5 per foot and you can save even more by doing it yourself.  The product matches your gutters and is barely visible during the day.  This is a permanent solution that attaches to your gutters or “roof rake” where there is no gutter.  The nice thing about this is the hooks are permanent, meaning you can change the type of lights you use from year to year.  The product is made in Iowa, invented by a local business owner in the roofing industry.  The pole used to easily hang the lights (all the way up to two stories) is sturdy and easy to use. You will never need a ladder again once these are installed.

What does this look like from a DIY perspective?  You will need a ladder to install these.  If you have a cordless/corded power drill/screwdriver, a tape measure and a pair of tin snips (even garden shears work) you are all set.  The hooks are installed on four foot metal sections that attach to your roof which makes the hooks automatically evenly spaced, which is a plus.  Measurement only comes into play around corners.  The product is sturdy but flexible enough to make it easy to ensure everything is flush on your gutters.

I have a two story house with a driveway that slopes, so I needed a 26’ ladder to reach the height of my garage.  Home Depot rents Werner expandable extension and step ladders that reach up to 26’ and they collapse to a short enough length to fit in the back of a normal pickup.  This only cost me $29 for four hours.  I did my installation in about three hours and I’m happy with the end product! 

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